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Embarking on a Transformative Journey: Yoga Teacher Training at Adishakti Yogashala

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The Adishakti Yogashala is a haven of peace and self-discovery hidden within a lush palm-tree jungle and bordered by the breathtaking beauty of a cliff-hugging beach. This sanctuary of serenity, is located in the enchanting region of Kerala. Offers a profound opportunity for individuals to embark on a transformative journey through their Yoga Teacher Training.


A Gem of Kerala: Adishakti Yogashala

Situated in the heart of Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country,” Adishakti Yogashala stands as a testament to the region’s inherent spiritual energy and natural beauty.

The place itself becomes an essential component of the transformational experience it offers. The surrounding palm tree jungle’s lushness and view of the breathtaking cliff beaches make for an absolutely magical setting. The peaceful surroundings allow for deep reflection and profound learning.


The Path to Becoming a Yoga Teacher

For those seeking to deepen their yoga practice and share its benefits with others, Adishakti Yogashala offers comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs.

These programs are meticulously designed to not only impart the traditional teachings of yoga but also facilitate personal growth and transformation.


A Curriculum Rooted in Tradition

Adishakti Yogashala’s Yoga Teacher Training is a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding. Yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), meditation, philosophy, and anatomy are all covered in the curriculum.

Under the guidance of experienced and qualified instructors, the training provides a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and techniques of yoga.


The Spiritual Essence

What sets Adishakti Yogashala apart is its dedication to nurturing not just the physical aspects of yoga but also the spiritual dimensions. Daily yoga classes are not only a means to achieve physical flexibility and strength but also a gateway to self-awareness and mindfulness.

Alongside the yoga practices, the shala offers Ayurvedic therapies that further enhance the holistic healing experience. The intertwining of yoga and Ayurveda, two sister sciences, provides a complete approach to well-being.


Journey Within Yoga Teacher Training

In addition to the physical practices, Adishakti Yogashala offers spiritual ceremonies that delve into the essence of yoga and self-discovery. These ceremonies are a bridge to connecting with the inner self, fostering a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and path in life.

The tranquil environment of the shala, coupled with these ceremonies, creates a space where personal transformation is not just possible but inevitable.


Choices for Growth: 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Adishakti Yogashala caters to individuals at different stages of their yoga journey. The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training serves as a foundation for aspiring teachers. While the 300-hour program provides an opportunity for deeper immersion and specialization.

Both programs are crafted to accommodate the diverse needs and aspirations of participants.


Beyond Boundaries: Exploring Variants

While Adishakti Yogashala stands as the pinnacle of yoga education in Kerala, the shala’s influence extends beyond its physical boundaries.

With an expanding reach, the shala also offers Yoga Teacher Training programs in Rishikesh and Nepal. These locations, each with their own unique spiritual vibrations, provide further avenues for individuals to explore their inner realms.



Adishakti Yogashala isn’t just a place; it’s an invitation to embark on a transformative journey.

Participants are gently led toward self-discovery, personal growth, and the path to becoming certified yoga teachers while in the midst of nature’s splendor and with experienced mentors.

The fusion of traditional teachings, spiritual ceremonies, and holistic practices creates an environment where profound changes occur, echoing the essence of Kerala’s timeless beauty and wisdom.

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