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Japa Yoga – The Spiritual Communion With Your Inner-self

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Japa yoga is the meditative repetition of a mantra to reach eternal peace and blissfulness.

More precisely, it is the spiritual communion through the repetion of a mantra. It is a common practice though the world in every religion. We need a mala (beads), and mantras (chanting mystic formulas). While syncronizing these mantras and activating the mala beads between one’s fingers, one can release from mental problems and the latent power within us.

During japa yoga we engage all our sense organs like the touch, tongue, and ears. With the help of these sense organs we can keep the mind into the present moment and the vibration of mantras help us to guide our mind to our consciousness.

You will learn with us yogic mantras that can be used for japa yoga (om, soham “I am that” and “I am the universe”, anandoam “I am joy”). Repeting these words makes us become What we are saying. We put seeds into our mind and we become it.