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Muddam, anandam, dadati” – an action that brings delight or pleasure is a mudra.

Mudra is a hand gesture that guides the energy flow to specific areas of the brain to experience delight, pleasure. It also means psychic and emotional gesture of attitude.

There are infinite types of mudras, that are made up of connexions between the 5 fingers and the 5 elements : we increase and dicrease these elements that are connected to our emotions body and mind.

With the help of the mudras we can balance these 5 elements. Palm fingers are the most sensitive points of the body when the inner and out energies are connected. With mudras, we can guide the energies in different parts of the body according to our needs.

We can see mudras as switch boards. If I am unhappy and not grounded, “prithivi” mudra will bring smile on our face and grounding qualities. 

You will learn with Manoranjan Chand, the mudra master, about the direct link between hand gestures and the physical body, energy body and also our mind body.